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Many of us have had our mattresses for years. And the majority of people are unaware or don’t want to know what may be lurking within their mattress.

For most people, these problems are “out of sight, out of mind”. They are not immediate issues, unless you have bed bugs, of course. When you get a mattress cover, this can be a wonderful preventative measure to keep bed bugs out for good.

When looking for a good mattress cover, there are a couple things you’ll want to make sure you check. Good mattress covers for bed bug prevention are ones with a zipper. The zipper will keep the bed bugs encased in one area, which will make it easier for the exterminator to find all your bed bugs in one place. Or, if you have never detected bed bugs before, then having a mattress cover will surely assist you in keeping bed bugs away from your home.

Bite-Proof Fabric Mattress Covers

The inexpensive mattress covers will not be bite proof. So even if you use this cover, bed bugs can still get in and live comfortably on your mattress pad.

Polyurethane-Lined Protective Covers

Polyurethane-lined mattress covers will allow your skin to breathe and it will prevent you from sweating during the night. And bed bugs tend to like areas that are warm and dark, so this type of mattress cover will keep the area dry and cool, which will keep bed bugs away. While this type of mattress cover is more expensive than a vinyl one, it certainly is more effective in preventing bed bugs in your home.

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