Benefits of Using Bed Bug Dogs


There are many wonderful benefits to use bed bug dogs when you have a bed bug issue in your home or business. Please find the many reasons why using canines to handle your bed bug issues is more affordable and much more effective below.


Canines find bed bug problems more quickly and can detect the multiple areas where the bed bugs could be coming from more efficiently than humans can. This makes the process quicker and not as expensive. For bigger buildings like company offices and hotels,  having a more efficient process certainly cuts down on cost.

Highly Efficient and Top-of-the-Line Technology

Canine sniffing bed bug dogs are the newest and best tool used out there to detect living bed bugs in homes and commercial buildings.

Proven and Trusted

Dogs have been used for years to keep us safe from bombs, drugs, mold and now bed bugs.

Dogs Work for Results

Canines are not driven by money, they are driven by results. They are highly trained animals that understand what they are trying to detect and know how to inspect areas for bed bugs more efficiently than human beings. They will do all they can to make sure they find all infested areas in an unbiased fashion.

Better Peace of Mind

Canines are 97% effective in detecting bed bug infested areas. If the dog doesn’t find any reason for bed bugs in a specific area, you can rest assure the areas sniffed out are not problem areas.

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