Bed Bug Control Techniques

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Bed Bug Traps

If you want to better understand where bed bugs in your home could be coming from, use bed bug traps in places you think the bed bugs could be coming from, or where you think they could get into. See below for traps or bed bug monitoring devices you can use to control the issue.

Interception Methods

These are sticky glue traps that you put in areas you think the bed bugs are coming from. Good places to put them are against the baseboards of your room and or under the corners of your bed or sofa.

You can also try placing a container of oil or chemically-diluted water under your bed to trap bugs that could be traveling through that way to your bed.

Bug Moats

Moats are a bit more complicated, but they work well. It’s a small container within a larger container and then a moat is put in the contraption to be put under the legs of your bed frame. The moat has a slippery talcum powder that bugs will try to climb, but they will get stuck in the solution, unable to get out.

Monitoring Devices

Here are some of the best bed bug monitoring devices on the market today.

The BedBug Beacon

CDC 3000

NightWatch Monitor

Buggy Beds

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